In Time, J.K. Walker, 2013

As I climb

The air it thins

I’m trudging up this mountainside


Weakened knees

Holding me up

On this walk without a guide


Heart beating strong

This trail I’m on

No place that I can hide


Bearing down

My feet to ground

No view of oceans tide


Breathing deep

This mountain peak

This sorrow in which I wallow


Alone in mind

With only time

To help me through this hallow


Fear in mind

That it’s my time

To head back down to base


Turn upon

The trail I’m on

To someday find my place


It’s getting dark

Beneath the trees

That hides me from the storm


Night air gusts

The coat I’m lacking

Nothing to keep me warm


Raindrops fall

This bitter cold

Quickly taking over me


I hold no light

On my descending

This path I cannot see


Near the base

Of this mountainside

In which I tried to climb


A moment’s peace

I’ll someday find

But it can only come in time

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