Little Bear, Hannah Tuck, 2013

I am little bear.

I can see my parents,

Even smell them and touch them,

But they are not here.

I can stare into their eyes and talk to them,

But our opposing realities collide.

I am an orphan,

Though not a boy.


I could not live with my clan,

It was not safe.

The workers they came

But they couldn’t quite tell

What had happened before

All hell broke loose.


They said I was safe off in the woods

But I was still trapped.

Can healing take place in a year’s time?

After 15 years of dream crushing,

Personality smashing, body taking,

Forcing rhythms of false family?


Sure I was a little bear.

But I was raging.

I was hungry for a fight.

Unable to go home

Because I am a warrior, resilient

I will breathe, stand tall, and sing.


And another 15 years has passed.

I remain in the woods

Unable to be close to those I was born to.

I don’t know whether healing is coming

Because wisdom from the elders

Has yet to be sought.


I am little bear

But I never went home

Because they are unwilling or unable

To keep their hands off my throat.

I am free and can breathe here.

I live here where I can sing.

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