The Giving Quest

The postindian warrior is the simulation of survivance in new stories.

– Gerald Vizenor


The Giving Quest

  • Give to yourself.
  • Promote self-care by deciding and following through on something you want to do.
  • Give to someone close to you.
  • Do something special for someone close to you, such as writing a poem, singing a song, making a meal, or listening.
  • Give to someone you are familiar with.
  • Do something special for someone you are familiar with, such as sharing a meal with a co-worker.
  • Give to a stranger.
  • Volunteer your time or donate to an organization or someone you are unfamiliar with.
  • Tell a story in any medium that reflects your giving. For example, a photo of something you made as a gift.
  • Share your act of survivance by emailing the file or posting online, and tagging the act with #survivance.

Words of Elaine Grinnell

“We have our sister tribes of Port Gamble and Lower Elwha. We work together to protect our fisheries and all of our natural resources, you know. We work together on our language and education. We help each other. We may have something they don’t. We share then. That is maximizing your natural resources.”

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