The Listening Quest

The postindian warrior is the simulation of survivance in new stories.

– Gerald Vizenor


The Orphan: The Listening Quest

  • How do you identify with the boy in the story?
  • How does this influence you now?
  • Tell a story in any medium that reflects your interpretation of the story.
  • For example, if you want to paint, clear a space, pick a surface like a canvas, choose colors, choose brushes, set up water and a plate to put the paint on, turn on music, and begin. This is an act of survivance!
  • Share your act of survivance by emailing the file or posting online, and tagging the act with #survivance.

Words of Roger Fernandes

“At some point, all children, I believe, feel some kind of abuse going on…”

“A long time ago in a village far to the east there lived a little boy. One time his parents died, making him an orphan. No one would take care of this poor boy. He would wander from home to home begging for food and shelter. No one would take him in. They called him ‘Orphan Boy’.”

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