The Retelling Quest

The postindian warrior is the simulation of survivance in new stories.

– Gerald Vizenor


The Retelling Quest

  • Revisit a traditional story from your culture that inspires you.
  • Listen closely to the story again and again.
  • Retell the traditional story in any medium that inspires you.
  • For example, an experimental animation that reflects on a non-linear story that is told in many different ways.
  • Share your act of survivance by emailing the file or posting online, and tagging the act with #survivance.

Words of Roger Fernandes

“Mythic stories speak like a dream–that when we tell these stories and our brain is actively involved, it says this never happened, that could have never happened, ‘I mean that’s impossible.’ But the mythic stories again, are not for the brain, they’re for your heart. And so they speak to us at a different level and the people receive them and accept them at a different level.”

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