The Searching Quest

The postindian warrior is the simulation of survivance in new stories.

– Gerald Vizenor


The Searching Quest

  • Seek out a story from your tribe/nation/peoples. It can be any form of story, such as traditional or historical. You can hear stories by attending events, asking relations, or even looking online!
  • How do you identify with the story? What is its meaning to you?
  • Tell a story in any medium that reflects your interpretation of a traditional story. For example, a song that expresses its impact on you.
  • Share your act of survivance by emailing the file or posting online, and tagging the act with #survivance.

Words of Roger Fernandes

“The Wanderer has these questions about their life and they don’t know where the answers are at, so they begin to wander. They don’t know where the answers are at, but they hope that by wandering, they’ll bump into them somewhere.”

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