How To Play

The postindian warrior is the simulation of survivance in new stories.

– Gerald Vizenor



A quest is a step in your journey, such as learning about your history. There are quests for every phase of the journey: Orphan, Wanderer, Caretaker, Warrior, and Changer. Elders guide us.

Choose a quest. Where are you at in life right now? What is helpful to you? Pick a quest from any phase of the journey at any time.
Perform a quest. Follow the steps!
Reflect. Make space in your mind to think about the quest. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and listen to the sounds around you.
Rest. You may perform a quest and complete your act of survivance at another time. You are on your journey.

Acts of Survivance

An act of survivance is Indigenous self-expression in any medium that tells a story about our active presence in the world now.

Choose a medium. What inspires you? Storytelling, writing, taking photos, carving, painting, drawing, beading, dancing, singing, drumming, remixing, filmmaking, animating, new media, games? Play!
Gather materials and tools. Bring together everything you need. Need something? Ask relations. Treat yourself.
Choose and clean a space. Who can focus with a mess around? Get unscattered! Make a special space for yourself.
Create. Go for it. If you’re trying something new, look up tutorials or just experiment.


You may want to share your act of survivance online or offline.

Decide. Would you like to share your act of survivance?
Digitize. If so, digitize your act of survivance if you need to. This may mean scanning or taking a photo or recording audio.
Upload. Upload your file. Make sure you retain ownership wherever you upload your file! If you want to host it at where you retain full ownership, email the file. If you choose to upload elsewhere, email a link to the file.
Promote. Share your act of survivance through your networks and #survivance.