Choose a quest.

The Orphan: Questioning our circumstances.

The Wanderer: Wandering in search of answers in unfamiliar places.

The Caretaker: Befriending and caring about others.

The Warrior: Confronting a challenge.

The Changer: Returning, transformed, to help others start their journeys.


Play the quest.

Read the quest steps.

Recognize that each quest is different and each person is different.

It may take a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months to complete a quest.


Create an act of survivance.

Process the experience of completing your quest by making an act of survivance.

An act of survivance is self-determined expression in any medium.

You can use a medium you’re familiar with or try something new.

Really, anything! Painting, beadwork, weaving, photos, short films, games, etc.



Your act of survivance is yours.

If you want, share the act of survivance online through social networks.

If you want, submit it to community events, festivals, or galleries.